“Blood Flows Deep in the Empire” Book Review


So,I juuuust finished reading Blood Flows Deep in the Empire.

Let me tell you. That was one hell of a book!
It was something very different for me, because  even though I like fantasy,I’ve never read anything similar to this one.
I was very pleasantly surprised by the theme of the book,and I’m definitely going to try and find more books with the same theme.

The story starts around eleven thousand years ago and revolves around Delytri, God of Fertility, who vows to bring back his dead lover Dimithynia, by sacrificing a young woman named Ismini,to take her place.

Years pass and we’re back in our time,when it’s actually the time for Ismini to get sacrificed.
But what happens when feelings that Delytri thought were long locked away,resurface when Ismini comes into his life?
How will he handle sacrificing her, when he feels so strongly for her?
Is destiny always right?

“Some things are destined to be — it just takes us a couple of tries
to get there.” 

What I loved about this book,is how well build the characters are.
They are so relatable.
Yes,they are Gods,but also, they behave completely like mortals.
I love how there is no superiority in the way they talk,because personally, it would make this book really hard for me to read.
I also loved the relationships formed between Ismini and the Gods, it provides a fun, silly atmosphere to the book which made it delightful to read.
The negative side to that ofcourse,is that it was not realistic,because it all happens in the snap of a finger.
Now let’s continue with Delytri and Ismini’s relationship.

Boy is it steamy!

First of all their chemistry is AMAZING!
It doesn’t happen that often that two characters, even though they’re in a book and you can pretty much describe their relationship perfectly,but weirdly they don’t always click.
The author made a really good job of providing us with well written characters.
Sexy,Can’t keep their hands of each other, smoking hot characters.
The thing that kind of bothered me,was the graphic language in some of the scenes,I just…it was too much and it kinda made me uncomfortable.
Maybe I’m a prude and it’s just me,I don’t know. But overall, it was a very enjoyable book, good suspence build up, there was action,romance,comic relief and it was all well balanced.

Can’t wait for the next one!


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